How do I get on the Janky Barge? 

On playa: Hop on! Our car is open to the public whenever we’re cruising the playa, as long as there’s enough space.

Off playa: Come find us at one of our events or get on Janky whenever you want by joining our camp.

Can I get Janky at my party?

If it’s off-playa, maybe! We do lots of events around the Bay Area and nearby – everything from the Warriors Parade to LoveBoat Halloween to the Shabang festival. More info here.

We don’t rent out Janky on-playa, cause we work too hard all year to give up our baby (plus boo commodification). If you want to party on Janky at BM, just look for the orange lights (easy, right?). 

The first time I got on Janky Barge I was having a crazy night and in the middle of a dust storm, me and my friend found you guys, and you were playing the funkiest music so we chilled your car for ten hours and we had the best time.

That’s not a question.

Are you still Janky? I haven’t seen you break down on-playa in a while.